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Chickweed Tincture 1oz
Chickweed Tincture 1oz

Chickweed Tincture 1oz

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Chickweed (Stellaria media (Linn.) Villars) — also called starweed, satin flower, or mouse-ear — is a common weed in the carnation family.

It grows low to the ground, has a hairy stem, and produces small, star-shaped, white flowers. It’s primarily found in North America and Europe.

Chickweed has many culinary and folk remedy uses that date back centuries.

This article reviews the benefits, uses, potential side effects, and recommended dosages for chickweed, as well as ways you can enjoy it.

Chickweed may fight germs and help heal wounds and infections. It has been used for these purposes in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries, primarily for skin diseases and dermatitis (7Trusted Source).

In Ireland and Britain, chickweed is a common remedy for alleviating skin problems, speeding wound healing, and reducing irritation and itchiness (1Trusted Source).

One test-tube study found that applying fresh chickweed juice could fight the hepatitis B virus(HBV). Applying the juice to an HBV-infected liver cell line for 6 days reduced HBV growth and production by over 25% (7Trusted Source).

 Can also prevent hunger pains, suppress appetite and provide trace minerals so your body still gets nutrients.